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• RoZa Plastik was established in Istanbul in 2010 with 45 years of textile experience. Production-weighted plastic yarn carrier products are produced. Today, RoZa Plastik's product range is over 900 products. These products constitute patented products that provide solutions in many productions such as Ring Tubes, Roving Pens, Paint Coils, Cylindrical and Straight Conical.

• RoZa Plastik supplies all of its machinery and molds from Italy. All new designs and R&D studies related to our products are made by our molding room in Italy.

• RoZa Plastik provides product variety according to the yarn types used by its customers. All of the products offered to our customers differ according to the yarn type and process of our customers. All of the raw materials used are original, and raw materials with technical specifications suitable for the processes requested by our customers are used.

• As RoZa Plastik, our goal is to provide our customers with more yarn production with lower energy consumption and less auxiliary material usage.

• As RoZa Plastik, we continue to appeal to world markets with our sister facilities in Italy, America and Egypt.

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